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Rune sets of the highest quality Blackthorns for spells and magickal workings Wicca, Druid and Pagan items handcrafted from Wessex woods Dream amulets, sleep charms and herb-filled pendants Best and original corresponding ogham sets Smudge sticks made from organically grown, hand gathered herbs Rune sets handmade from native British woods Owl, Hare, Deer and Crow necklaces and pendants Individually handcrafted items designed with magick in mind ...
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All wooden items created by
Spirit of Old are crafted using

Wildwood Knives

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Magick and Spellcrafting

Log fire
Magick and spellcrafting has played a central role in people's lives since before recorded history. The megalithic sites of Avebury and Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England tell of a close relationship with the turning wheel of the year and movements of the Sun. The numerous roundbarrows scattered throughout Wessex and the incredible longbarrows speak of a culture strong in structure and rich in ceremony.

Thousands of years later, the Anglo-Saxon manuscript of Lacnunga teaches us of the strong belief in magickal healing using complex ritual and herbs. We know relatively little about the so-called "Dark Ages" but we can piece together the threads of information to create a picture of Old England with a fascinating religion based upon the belief in the World Tree (known as "Yggdrasil") and nine realms including the realms of the light elves, dark elves, giants and the realm of the dead.

After so many years of suppression by the Christian church, the old ways are slowly returning to this land once again. More and more of us are drawn to discover the amazing "heathen" customs and traditions nearly forgotten for so long. We have such a wonderful, diverse culture to draw upon for learning about the old ways and to enable us to live, once again, with the... spirit of old.


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